National Tea Dunking Day

It may come as a surprise, but there is no official UK National Biscuit Dunking Day. We want this to change, and need your help!

Apparently, back in 1999, the concept of a National Biscuit Dunking Day was raised by physicist Len Fisher from the University of Bristol. This was to start off discussion of the science of dunking, to show that “physics can be fun”. This led to much media attention of Washburn’s Equation, which describes capillary flow in porous materials.

So – although the concept of a National Biscuit Dunking Day was raised, no formal day was ever created. We want to change this, and need your help…

Mug of teaSo far, here are the votes for a National Tea Dunking Day:

  • Elaine from Nottingham thinks that January 2nd makes a better day – She says: “This would cheer us up after the New Year celebrations”.
  • Ciara from N. E Lincs votes for January 20th and suggests that we should add “a top ten of the best biscuits to dunk”.
  • Thanks to Mick Deveney for suggesting 1st February, and for suggesting that Tea Dunking becomes part of the Commonwealth Games.
  • Thanks to Mark for also supporting the 1st of February for a day of Tea Dunking. – He says “Feb is good, cos its usually wet and cold. A good cuppa helps!”
  • Another vote for 1st February from Lance Thomson. He says “Don’t dunk for too long, and dunk the whole of the biscuit and get it down in one”
  • Seymour from Russia agrees with 1st February adding “Hob nobs are best for dunking as they don’t break off easily”
  • Another vote for 1st February , this time from Chaitanya
  • Popular choice – 1st February from John Bache in Birmingham. He adds “Although 1st Feb should be the Official biscuit dunking day, I would like to stress the importance of a daily practice routine.”
  • Jamie from Middlesborough also goes for 1st February , and says “Don’t dunk Rich Tea”.. Must be mad!
  • A vote for 4th February from Jane in the UK
  • Another for 4th February, from Vanessa in London, who adds “love dipping digestives in milky tea”
  • Joker Andy Whitcombe, a local from Royston Vasey suggests 29th February Hmm…
  • March 21st gets Paul Williams from Nottingham’s vote… he adds “its all about technique”… so true…
  • 15th April is suggested by Emily Betty, as “it’s rainy then and so the optimum time to stay in & keep warm”. She adds: “chocolate digestives are the best and should be given out free”
  • 18th April – Rachel Berry says that she’s the owner of a café in Yorkshire and she’s are holding a national dunking day on 18th April 2008. The local radio station is involved and she’s asking the local paper to ‘splash’ the story too!
  • 22th June gets Anne’s vote, adding “Double-dunking is the best, but you have to do it with two Rich Tea biscuits, back to back, but don’t leave them in for too long or they drop off!”
  • 24th June has had three votes on the trot in October 07, from Sue Lilley, Louise Brown and Michelle.
  • Another vote for 24th June from Chrystal Tinsley from Runcorn. “Use hobknobs”, she says.
  • First vote in for July, from Vicky in Kitchen, Herts.”Digestives soaked in cold milk…..yum”
  • Votes for 1st November from Beth-Marie Redfern and Vicky Russell
  • Mark from Chorley dunkday opts for 13th December (Soft and slowly)
  • Joe Palmer from London contacted us suggesting December 25th, adding “Dunking biscuits is a ‘low’ habit, not to be encouraged.” Bah humbug!
  • Hi to Sophie and Rachel from Birmingham… They’re suggesting that every day is dunking day: “Everyday at 11 (elevenses)-kettles boiled & biscuits opened”. We’re with you on that one girls… we’ll pop round on Monday!
  • Mandy Fortune from County Durham votes for every day too, and adds “Hob nobs are the best!”
  • Laura Stride from Wiltshire votes for any day in January or February… and tells us that chocolate digestives are the best! (well, obviously!)
  • Trudy Adjrah from the UK suggests we look at a monthly tea dunking day

What are your thoughts on a National Tea Dunking Day? Let us know below!

8 Responses to “National Tea Dunking Day”

  1. lisa goddard says:

    I think we need to know if queen elizabeth dunks? If she does then there should be a national holiday, april 1st seems a good option? regards lisa

  2. have we decided yet? as i want to get in practice for the olympics
    hoping they accept us

  3. We think there should definately be a National Tea Dunking Day! We will definately support it!

  4. Featherbutt says:

    I Believe that this is a day that needs to be taken note of!

  5. Mark in Hove says:

    I think January or February are a good idea, as they are cold months and we’ll all need cheering up.
    Try a fruit shrewsbury for dunking it’s truly fantastic!
    Do other countries do this too?

  6. Colin Wilkinson says:

    Although I am a Daily Dunker (ginger nuts), I believe there should be a National Biscuit Dunking Day. A date is difficult, but I think it should be on Ist February every year.

  7. Ooh I haven’t tried the chocolate cmeraal kind. They sound delicious! Most dangerous thing about researching for this post is now I have a VERY long list of treats I need to try!

  8. Come on let’s get started . It’s all well and good but we need some dunking action . I’m favouring the 4th February so get it on social media and let’s get dunking

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