End Biscuit Disasters with a Cookie Catcher

Finally, an end to one of the problems plaguing most avid tea dunkers is in sight. We’ve all done it – dunked for just that little too long, only to see that ginger nut or digestive dissolve into the tea. The result, a lovely mouthful of biccie sludge at the end of that perfect cuppa.

Worry no more – as the Cookie Catcher is here to save the day!

We’ve recently been asked to review the perfect problem-solver for the world’s dunkers, and our review “hardware” arrived this morning. Keen to give this a try, our gallant team of tea dunkers stuck the kettle straight on, broke out the biccies, and gave it a try…

The Cookie Catcher Unwrapped

The Cookie Catcher Unwrapped

Cookie Catcher Review

It’s a cup-shaped net designed to be inserted into your favourite mug once the tea’s been prepared. Slide it into the cup of tea, and dunk away, knowing that if you have a mug mishap, those pesky biscuit bits can be removed by lifting out the Catcher using the handy piece of string, put it to one side, and drinking away.

We tried it with two cups of tea, and two biccies – well, our team are on new Year diets, so we can’t use this product review as an excuse to pig a packet of Chocolate Hobnobs each… sadly. In our tests, we found that the Cookie Catcher does indeed do what it says on the colourful packaging, and makes an excellent net for catching the biscuit residue and stopping it from spoiling your cuppa.

Dunking a Maryland Cookie with Cookie Catcher

Dunking a Maryland Cookie with Cookie Catcher

The Cookie Catcher does reduce the size of your cup, and therefore does impose a limit on the diameter of biscuit that can be dunked. Maximum dunking width appears to be around 60mm, which presented not problem for our 48mm wide Maryland Cookie, or a 54mm Ginger Nut. A larger diameter biscuit, such as a Hobnob, may present more of a problem, but nothing that a snap won’t solve.

Under our controlled tests, the Cookie Catcher behaved well, with no incidents to report. A small amount of residue did make it through the Catcher’s net, but not enough to cause a problem, and after a quick re-stir, dissolved nicely to make for a slightly sweeter cuppa.

Crumbs Caught by Cookie Catcher

Crumbs Caught by Cookie Catcher

Once a successful accident recovery operation has been completed, the Catcher can be rinsed out and reused.

Our Cookie Catcher Experiment

We thought, as it was a quiet day, we’d record our experience of dunking with the Catcher. Here is a short video showing how we got on with a Ginger Nut…

The Cookie Catcher is produced by A.C.T Products (UK) Ltd, based in Hertfordshire, and gets our official stamp of approval.

You can buy them online direct from www.thecookiecatcher.com, priced at just £2. Go on… you know you want one!

4 Responses to “End Biscuit Disasters with a Cookie Catcher”

  1. roy keane's labrador says:

    a box of tetley decaf. for shame…

  2. Ha, I thought the same thing! Tetley tea… you should be ashamed!

  3. Pat Molesworth says:

    This is a great and very simple idea BUT it doesn’t get around the fact that bisuit dunking is a skill that with practice and experience can be near perfected.
    Having this kind of ‘safety net’ for me takes away the fulfilment of successful sludge and crumb free biscuit dunking.
    I don’t want to live my life like this!

  4. I was going to buy this until I saw you drink Tetley tea.

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