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Results So Far:

Tea’s way out in front of coffee as the dunker’s drink of choice…

What drink?

What drink do you dunk in?

What’s your favourite dunking biccie? So far, the plain digestive wins out…

Which Biscuit to dunk

Your votes on which biccie to dunk?

Red Alert? Had a dunking crisis? So have most dunkers, apparently…

Tea Dunking Accident

Ever had a tea dunking accident?

Your comments

  • It’s really nice to dunk but dont dunk for too long.
  • I don’t like it, my biscuits always disintegrate and make my coffee lumpy. Dipping a quality chocolate biscuit just to melt the topping is o.k. but a full on dunk isn’t appealing unless maybe it’s a hard biscuit like a ginger nut.
  • Just a glorious habit to have, nothing like a good old dunking, Hoorah for dunking…!
  • Strong white builder’s tea with chocolate hob nobs please.
  • Every now and then as a special treat I like to dunk a very hard ginger nut and suck the tea out of it then dunk it again repeatedly until it dissolves in my mouth.Oh Joy!!
  • Tea tastes better after dunking
  • I love dunking other biscuits too my second fav is custard creams,then rich tea.I love to dunk gingernuts in milk
  • my grandma taught me to dunk. as a child i would dunk in my mothers tea. now i consider it a treat to dunk into a lovely hot cup of tea.
  • I don’t think you’ve dunked enough biscuits. So far we’ve got Caramel Digestives way out in front with 87.5% (scoring a big round 10 for drop-off), Fox’s Ambers and Sainsburys Dark Choc Coated Ginger Cookies on 77.5% (both doing nicely in post-dunk texture), Joint third place goes to Fox’s Chinkie Chocolatey Cookies and both Tesco & Waitrose own brand Ginger Cookies, all having 72.5%.
  • It’s what makes tea drinking a delicious experience
  • It’s always polite to ask before dunking in somebody else’s tea
  • Dunking in private is no harm rather enjoyable and should be encouraged.
  • it is an experience like you would never believe

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3 Responses to “Tea Dunking Survey”

  1. It sounds odd, but you should try dunking crusts of bread in your tea. Delicious!

  2. my favourite
    dunking cheese rolls (without pickle)

  3. biscuit wise when doing nat service the hard tack biscuits would soak in the cup (army tea ) for 3 days and still wouldnt go soft

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