Local Milkmen Help Tea Dunkers

Your friendly local milkman is now able to help tea dunkers of the UK

A Milk FloatYou may have though that the presence of a Tesco Minimart in every square mile of Britain would have spelt the end for the humble milkman, but today’s Milkie has gone all high-tech. Those little milk floats no longer deliver just milk, fruit juice, yoghurt and bread… They now deliver all sorts of things – crisps, dog food, cereals, cans of coke, cleaning products and around 250 assorted household foods and products.

Gone too are the days of leaving a note in your empty bottle, and making sure you’re in on a Friday to pick up the tab. Now, you set up your order online, and if you decide there’s something you want to add or remove, log on and edit. Provided you order by 9pm, you’ll find the goodies on the doorstep in the morning. You now pay monthly by credit card or direct debit, there’s no minimum order, and delivery is free

What does this mean for us tea dunkers?

Over 30 different types of milk, various packets of biscuits, teabags and sugar, are all part of the service offered by today’s morning milk delivery service. With Dairy Crest’s online service, Milk and More, you can get all of the basic requirements for a decent morning cuppa delivered to the door.

Two small downsides – the choice of dunkable biscuits is a little on the low side. In our area, chocolate or plain digestives are available, as is the good old custard cream. There are some tins of biscuits, “broken biscuits” (presumably squashed by a slow-moving float), plus shortbread fingers. No Hob Nobs or Bourbons (doing well in our Tea Dunking Biscuit Survey), but at least the top choice, Digestives, are available.

The other downside? No matter how many notes we leave, Peter, our milkie, won’t make us a morning cuppa. Shame!

Tea Dunking Raw Material

Tea Dunking Raw Material, delivered to your door free

We’ve been trying out the new-look “Milk Delivery – The Next Generation”, and actually, we’re impressed. We’re still doing the weekly Big Shop, but instead of popping to Tess Coze for the emergency semi-skimmed, we’re now stumbling out of bed to find the early bird milkman (or is it milk person these days?), has had their morning cuppa, and delivered the raw ingredients for us bright and early.

If you want to try the next generation of milk deliveries, we’d suggest you click your mouse on this next bit – milkandmore.co.uk and try out the al-new way to get tea, coffee, milk, sugar, onions and bin-bags delivered im the morning… for free.

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